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Annisha Nabilla
Little things r worth everything...
Annisha Nabilla
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Oh Hazza......

Oh Harry.Niall's just like "woah man you smell nice what is that scent and brand ur using it's delightful">>>>> lol this comment is perfect

One Direction

First I thought Harry then I was like wait, then I was like it's Ashton, now I'm just frustrated

YO HO!! TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE I got Captain Barbossa! Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character Are You? | Oh My Disney

I have started looking at the age of my roles now, says Pirates of the Caribbean actor Geoffrey Rush

This makes me really happy, but I also want to burst into tears at the same time

you want a picture collage of Zayn from childhood to now? (Credit to the person who made this beautiful, perfect collage)

I sang this ..

this is so accurate I'm crying << who else attempted to sing this?>>>lol I was listening to rock me when I saw this so I replayed the song and sang the parody with it haha