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Nadia Oktaviana

Nadia Oktaviana
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smile + snuggle hug KAISOO

Those KaiSoo moments where everything just stops and the only two people in the room is them.(Kris wants mama suhos love too)


"Shy Exo members aannnnd then you have Chanyeol: The Happy Virus & Kris: The Cold Guy" - 'Cold Guy' Is the funniest title, lol XD

Naughty Chanyeol~ and layhun ago lol

Naughty Chanyeol~ (gif) HunHan in the background ;


Not gonna lie. Sehun looks absolutely done Baekhyun looks like a princess Kyungsoo looks EXO cheesy Kai pulling off his smirk Suho looks confused with his hands And Chanyeol looks like an old man bending like that (no offense)

EXO team (sticking together; this scene is part of an EXO music video drama)


The white color , the clothes,the setting, it's like your being welcomed into heaven and Kai's hand is on your shoulder. Best welcoming committee ever and the bright smile of Kai.