Keris Nusantara,.

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Keris. An origin heritage from Indonesia by soraya rahman, via 500px

An origin heritage from Indonesia by soraya rahman on

Fantasy Weapons, Indonesian Art, Swords, Blade, Knives, Weapons, Knifes, Sword, Knife Making

Kris encyclopedia, a complete dictionary of keris weapon

UNESCO has fortified Indonesian keris (a wavy-bladed ceremonial dagger).

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Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Riau-Bugis Keris and Hilt?

Keris among the public in Java is represented as a symbol of " Masculinity " and sometimes if for some reason bridegroom was unab.

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Blade, Weapons, Knives, Cuttings, Weapons Guns, Knifes, Weapon, Plant Cuttings, Knife Making

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