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Soooo cooolll!!

As hard as I try to get images from many different sources, you can't deny that user Dee Dee and Toothless has the HTTYD pics.


re-worked this to make room for HTTYD 2 art! Gift of the Night Fury

Ah....its so cute!

Being a bro this is an amazing and adorable picture to see! Pewds and Martzia are so cute together!

It's so cool!!

how to train your dragon 2 - I made this cake for my son who is a big fun of "How to train your dragon" the white dragon behind is made from merengue.


how to train your dragon httyd toothless astrid hofferson hiccstrid hiccup horrendous haddock iii how to train your dragon 2 hicstrid spoilers Hiccup and Astrid Toothless and Hiccup lillyreart

Sorry Flynn. But it's true. lol XD

Lolololol I bet in the background you can hear jack laughing his butt off on a tree but then falling off the tree because he was laughing so hard.