Stories of A: Hey, I thought you want some frozen yogurt!

Exams were over guys! I was unavailable for a moment, because I had to finish all the deadlines, and I had a heavy week for final exams.

Stories of A: Gifts for being 25!

Wow, I am now 25 years old! But I feel blessed.

Stories of A: 2nd Trip of 2016: 10 things to do in Amsterdam (Al...

So this trip is our second time to Amsterdam and also our second trip of the year. I didn't make any specific plans for this trip, becau.

Stories of A: Dreaming about him...

Since the terror attack in Brussels, I got a lot of questions from my family and friends, if I am alright.

Gypsyholic's World: When we went to cinema

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Gypsyholic's World: Welcome 2016!

Gypsyholic's World: Welcome 2016!