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I'm not okay stop asking me if I am - 11/30/16

Please don't ask if I'm okay. I might do something stupid like open up to you and I'm really tired of getting close to people and watching them leave me like I'm nothing. I always lose the people I'm close to

First the Lottle penguin and now Piglet & Pooh... all the things I thought were unique to us were just part of your patterns.

Sad Quotes About Letting Going And Moving On :First the Lottle penguin and now Piglet & Pooh all the things I thought w

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Its just the truth

They always mention the beauty and wonder of unrequited love but they hardly ever tell you about the excruciating pain

sometimes I think it would be better if I could stay angry but instead I miss the happy moments and wish I could go back and salvage what we had but I can't and so it still hurts months later

And i cannot forgot you You are both the most value people in the world to me. Its not enough alone talking to ghost phone