Anggit Priyandani R

Anggit Priyandani R

indonesia / 雪のように冷たい... 太陽のように暖かく... 孤独な夜のように...
Anggit Priyandani R
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Angle - Different sources of light are required for proper lighting of a character, not just one or two lights coming from a front facing source.

Ary Armamy Pregnant Photo

Ary Armamy Pregnant Photo

SUNSET PORTRAIT – STROBIST SETUP – LIGHTING SCHEME Strobist Lighting Setup 1 x White Umbrella 2 x Canon 430EX II 1 x Asistent 1 x Cosplay Model 1 x Sun

Sunset Portrait – Strobist Setup – Lighting Scheme :: best Best idea canon canon 430 EX II creative Crosslighting custom light DIY fancy flash girl Haw to Hawto Hina Ichigo Cosplay idea info inspiration learn LIGHT Lighting Scheme Lighting Tricks

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Sparkle Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions

Buy Sparkle Photoshop Action by sevenstyles on GraphicRiver. Watch the above video for a demonstration of the action and detailed video tutorial Sparkle Photoshop Action Create .

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101 pose, location, & prop ideas for couples photography! Perfect for an anniversary photoshoot. Don't forget to update your couples pictures each year!