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[Myths]: Sanātana Dharma

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The Mahabharata

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Surya, God of the Sun

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Shakti, the Divine Mother

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Mount Meru, Home of the Gods

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[Vahanas]: Garuda, Vishnu's King of Birds

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[Myths]: Ganesha's Birth

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[Myths]: Bhagavad Gita

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[Creatures]: Vanara, Tribe of God-Apes

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Narasimha, Vishnu's Avatar of War

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[Vahanas]: Shesha, Naga of Vishnu

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[Vahanas]: Nandi, Bull of Shiva

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Fire worshipped as God Agni in Vedas, Xiuhtecuhtli by Aztecs, Manco Capac by Incas, Yahweh in Judaism, Goddess Vesta in Rome, Atar by Parsis, Surtr in Norse, Svarog in Slavic Mythologies

Agni: God of Fire & Lightning, Messenger of Deva

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Tremors from the heart : Mind:the creative potency

Brahma: God of Creation, Knowledge, & Vedas

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Durgā: Goddess of Power, Strength, & Energy

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Hanuman: God of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom

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Indra: God of Storms, War, & Heaven

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Ganesha: Remover of Obstacles & God of Beginnings

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Kali Yuga - Google Search

Kali, Goddess of Change, Destruction, and Death

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ArtStation - KAMADEVA, cristian huerta

Kama: God of Love & Desire

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Kartikeya: God of War, Victory & General of Devas

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master of puppets by molee on @DeviantArt

Krishna: God of Protection, Love, & Compassion

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Kubera: God of Wealth

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