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OMG the feels! Why can't JK Rowling write at least one book about the second generation and their shenanigans? ---- I've pinned this before but this is literally my favourite thing ever . i cant even.

Harry Potter

"Daniel Radcliffe on Maggie Smith-- tearing right now. :*) I love HP! " I Love Dame Maggie Smith and Daniel Radcliffe too they were great in H. and David Copperfield together

Harry Potter Head Canons.  This is the one that always makes me cry :(

interior-inspire The Burrow's kitchen. I'm a Weasley at heart. I think the Weasley's house on harry potter is my dream nerdy as that is.

Harry Potter Head Canons

Not to mention Harry and Ron getting in there, but that was under disguise. Head canon - by me! So you have no excuse if I can make one up. Now send them in! Harry and Ron too even if in disguise still them