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In Japanese Folklore, Gashadokuro is a giant skeleton made up of the bones of people who have died from starvation. If Gashadokuro sees you, it will bite your head off and drink the blood that drains out of your decapitated body Mythological Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Folklore Japonais, Art Japonais, Japan Illustration, Era Edo, Giant Skeleton, Japanese Yokai

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Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi Title:Miyamoto Musashi, from the series Lives of Remarkable People Renowned for Loyalty and Virtue (Chûkô meiyo kijin den) Details: More information. Source: Museum of Fine Arts Japanese Artwork, Japanese Prints, Haiku, Martial Arts Weapons, Miyamoto Musashi, Japan Painting, Traditional Japanese Art, Kuniyoshi, Samurai Art

Tsukahara Bokuden v. Miyamoto Musashi

I came across this interesting woodblock print today. It is of an imaginary duel between two of the great Japanese swordsmen, Tsukahara Bokuden and Miyamoto...

日本画の技法で叙情あふれるおひめさまを描くアーティスト佃喜翔さんの作品 | - Japaaan Japanese Art Prints, Japanese Drawings, Japanese Painting, Japanese Design, Harvard Art Museum, Japanese Folklore, Japan Tattoo, Japan Art, Horror Art

日本画の技法で叙情あふれるおひめさまを描くアーティスト佃喜翔さんの作品 : Japaaan

Japanese art, samurai and warriors art prints, Tametomo by Kuniyoshi Japanese Art Prints, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Poster, Japanese Painting, Japanese Art Samurai, Japanese Warrior, Japan Illustration, Samurai Artwork, Grand Art

Image gallery: Minamoto no Tametomo 源為鞆 / Honcho buyu kagami 本朝武優鏡 (Mirror of Our Country's Military Excellence)

Samurai Warriors Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Japanese Art Utagawa Kuniyoshi - Sakuma Genba Morimasa, ca. Japanese Art Samurai, Japanese Warrior, Kabuto Samurai, Samurai Warrior Tattoo, Samurai Artwork, Japan Painting, Japan Tattoo, Kuniyoshi, Japanese Tattoo Art

Utagawa Kuniyoshi: Takuma Genba-no-jo Morimasu 宅間玄蕃允守益 / Taiheiki eiyuden 太平記英勇傳 (Heroes of the Great Peace) - British Museum