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Robert William
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Illustrator Uses Clever 3D Tricks To Bring His Cartoons To Life | Bored Panda

Danish artist, HuskMitNavn, has taken his playful black-and-white drawings of things as simple as opening a can of food, or as frustrating as running out of toilet paper, and brought them to life as incredible pieces of cartoons on one sheet of paper.

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Realistic Baby Dolls By Russian Artist Elena Kirilenko

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15 examples of the most incredible street art-induced urban transformations from around the world, showing us an awesome way to bring back those forgotten city areas back to the public eye.

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Photographer Rich McCor transform famous landmarks using paper cutouts whilst making a living and travel around the world

I Couldn’t Grow Real Plants So I Made These Paper Ones | Bored Panda

It all started because I wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree in our very dark living room. I knew a live one would never survive so I made one using paper, paper

Russian Artist Creates Intricate Baroque Wigs From Paper | Bored Panda

This is not your everyday paper art. Russian artist Asya Kozina has been turning paper into high-art for years, and won renown for her impressive Mongolian wedding costumes. Kozina explains her motivation on Behance:

I Use Oil And Water To Photograph Abstract Drops | Bored Panda

I love Macro photography. The beauty of macro opens my eyes to the beauty of something we don’t pay attention to… I love the amazing details,

I Add Monsters To Everyday Life To Make It More Fun | Bored Panda

I wanted to test out the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil so I took on the sketch challenge. I’ve been sketching a photo-cartoon mash up once a day for the month of March and posted everything on Inst…

Polish Artist Uses Found Photographs To Create Funny Stories | Bored Panda

Julia Borzucka wanted to be a violinist but a hand injury changed her plans. She started to create digital drawings on photographs found on Internet of famous