Justin (저스틴)

Justin I didn't like you at first (u flirty mofo) but now I think differently 😍😍

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🔹holding hands in public 🔸good morning & good night texts 🔹hides sweet post-its in your things 🔸video calls any time”

Kyowo ♡

Lai guanlin & Lee woojin can't believe their age are like 3 years apart 😂.

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Mới 10 ngày tuổi, Wanna One đã xô đổ kỷ lục của đàn anh EXO - Ảnh

LAI GUAN LIN | Cube Entertainment | Produce 101 - Season 2

Lai Guanlin Boy In Luv Performance. Handsome since the start.

Bae Jin Young (배진영) | wallpaper produce 101 season 2

Bae Jin Young (배진영) | wallpaper produce 101 season 2

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They look like they gonna kiss. Guys not in public  Baejin and Daehwi

jinxhwi: “jinyoung and daehwi after daehwi’s rank was announced ”