Java, ca 1910

Antique and Classic Photographic Images. Java, Dutch India (Indies), ca 1910 (Actors).


Indonesia - Sumatra - Nias Tribe - Ancient Nias Cultures - Nias people are an…

Traditional wayang orang (human puppet) in Yogyakarta’s Palace, Yogyakarta…

'Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance' photos

The First Color Photos of Bali, Indonesia in 1920s, 1928, Bali, Indonesia --- A child preformer dresses in costume for a role in an island play --- Image by Franklin Price Knott

A popular child actress is costumed for the role of a mythological male warrior, Bali, By Franklin Price Knott, autochrome

Dayaknese Tribal Dress

I have a new-found inspiration in studying jewelry in tribal cultures.

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