Ruri Anggraeni

Ruri Anggraeni

Jakarta, Indonesia
Ruri Anggraeni
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I wish I knew this in high school....

the things people come up with. Wonder if it works? lol (not that I could have ever done that when I was in school because we couldn't do homework assignments on the computer and email a teacher) :)

Very funny!

There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, I hate more than people on cell phones in public bathrooms. If you work in retail it happens ALL the time bc employees take "bathroom breaks" so they can make phone calls.

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Funny pictures about From Dora to 50 Shades. Oh, and cool pics about From Dora to 50 Shades. Also, From Dora to 50 Shades.

Someone from Port Talbot posted a whisper, which reads "Just bumped into a mannequin & said "Sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realized I was still speaking to a mannequin.

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So a few months ago I was on my period and my dad kept sneaking bars of choolate under my bedroom door then ran downstairs shouting "Satan has been fed".