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YG Lockscreen World • BIGBANG Lockscreen / Wallpaper reblog if you...

BIGBANG - Nongfu Spring Pi Tea CF BB: “Realize that you’re always improving” GD: “How to make good music?” TOP: “To stand out from the rest” YB: “We all spend a lot of time to prepare” DS: “(We) have.


My heart is breaking. I can't wait for TOP to get a huge hug from his boys when he gets home from this stressful and terrible time.


P is one of the most sexy people I've seen. Because if you can make me cry and scream 'Oppaaaaa~~~' without showing skin, then you are sexy.


BIGBANG G-Dragon's so Adorable! Of course he's gonna choose BigBang.<<<Ahahaha, the last conversation between Dae and GD xD

shealovesoppa: This… this is why I support these boys. This is why I am proud to be a crazy, fangirling VIP. ...

This is the sweetest thing! If you don't have a reason to love Jiyong then this is it!