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My life in colors on a sunny morning from week. Beetroot chia-almond pudding with loooots of fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, cacao-macadamia clusters and chia-mix sprinkles. Ready for a new week chia hippielaneapp eattherainbow

The black pepper butter for this grilled steak melts into a rich sauce—and pairs well with the radishes, too.

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So it's freshman year, and you're already sick of the same five things on rotation at your dining hall. Even if you don't have a microwave in your room, you're in luck, because we have some ingenious hacks for cooking up breakfast in your dorm room. Don't worry; you probably already have the equipment needed! So go ahead and watch the video to learn how to whip up crispy bacon and soft-boiled eggs . . .

Pin for Later: 23 Breakfast Hacks That Will Transform Your Mornings Make bacon and eggs with your coffee pot and iron. Get the recipe: dorm-room bacon and eggs