There are many ways to top your hot dog! #NationalHotDogDay

10 Twists on Hot Dogs

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Ikan Panggang/Ikan Bakar Recipe (Grilled Fish with Banana Leaves): Loaded with dollops of sambal or spice paste, the fish is grilled with banana leaves over charcoal fire. The smell of burnt banana leaves imparts the fish with a smoky flavor and the sambal infuses the fish fillet with layers upon layers of spicy taste.

Ikan Panggang/Ikan Bakar Recipe (Grilled Fish with Banana Leaves)

Kari kepala ikan

In Malaysia and Singapore,Fish head curry (Chinese and Indian roots) is a dish…

Pepes Ikan Woku

Teach a Man to Fish: Pepes Ikan Woku (Manado Woku Spiced Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaves)

Fish top with Hot Chilli Peppers : "Ikan Sambal Belado"

Fish in Hot Chili Peppers/Sambal Belado Ikan. Drowned in oil and fiery. The whole fireworks. This is a dish originating from Padang in Indonesia. It's hard to tear one's self away from.

IKAN BAKAR LEMAK PANDAN (Indonesian  grilled fish wrapped in a banana leaf served with sambal)

Grilled fish marinated in a blend of turmeric, chili, belacan, galangal and served with sambal aka ikan bakar lemak pandan