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I ship them bad

this is the best thing I have ever seen this saved my marriage and brought my plants back to life I am born anew the birds are singing angels are descending from the heavens everything is good in the world


I feel like pidge and hunk have sleepovers where they just talk about other peapole relationships and laugh 'till morning

Im screaming too lance

“Maybe if I stay still he won’t see me” KIWIII follow: lifelesseafoam credit: to artist because they’re more talented than I’ll ever be :’)


Short people have the same amount of anger as tall people do, but because of the size difference it's more concentrated which makes it worse

I just want stuff like this on season 5, backstory and earth scenes

Whatever you do don’t think about how devastated Lance and Hunk’s families must be about their disappearance. Holt whose entire family is gone and who now has no one left.<<<<STOP ATTACKING MY FEELS