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<3 Do a drawing using every other line of the paper . .  Kitten climbing in the Blinds

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great for kids

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Repin if you see it..

Being patient has it rewards…

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The Dark Side Of Facebook Memes

In theory, Facebook could be the greatest tool in the history of human civilization. In practice, for now, it's great for sharing stuff from the internet. But what happens when Facebook mak

Doctor Who optical illusion

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Overthinking and Your Child-Like Mind

Con­sider the ques­tion in the image above. I found this spread­ing on Face­book the other day and it took me a few min­utes to solve. Go on. Try. (If you want to know the answer. It's at the end of the arti­cle.)

Cats or birds? | 17 Mind-Mangling Optical Illusion GIFs

Cats or birds?

Don't believe what your eyes tell you.

The "Window Cleaner" Riddle...

7 Super Hard Riddles and Answers

HARD RIDDLE #1 16 06 68 88 ? 98 What is the ‘?’? See answer. HARD RIDDLE #2 Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to. What am I? See answer.…

Freakiest Optical Illusion - Stare at black dot & see what happens to moving gray stripe!

The Freakiest Optical Illusion You'll See Today

Stare at the black dot, and wait for the moving grey stripe to turn blue.