The many faces of Seo Jung-Hoo, aka Healer. #korean #drama

The many faces of Seo Jung-Hoo, aka Healer ❤❤ 지 창 욱 Ji Chang Wook ♡♡ that handsome and sexy look .

Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook <<< there are always some small things in the world that come along and make life worth living. That smile is one of them

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JCW looks so young in love...

superpm kpop said: superpm kpop said: i want to know how much the script of drama is precise how much it directs the actors do anyone has an idea ab.

Ji Chang Wook

JCW : you guys trying to guess which one is ?but I am not telling (Gif credit owner via DC) guessing game is too fu.

Ji Chang Wook | 지창욱 | D.O.B 5/7/1987 (Cancer)

It’s that time again! The standard post-drama interviews with Ji Chang Wook are starting to fill up our news feeds, as all the sites in Korea decided to release their various chats with him …