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This is too adorable

Oh this is wonderful! Slytherins giggling at "Pottuh" just makes my day lol>>> but not all of the slytherins hate harry. At some point malfoy has probably got into a lot of trouble before because he insulted harry one time too many.

Weapon Of Choice by markmak Loving that Doctor Who reference

Weapon Of Choice by markmak <<< the tape measure says wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. I'm dying<<<<<< grappling hook and smile dip duh<<<is anyone going to point out that it says SHINK ray

"A rose by any other word would smell as sweet" THIS IS SO CUTE OH MY GOSH

The Catherine Tate & David Tennant sketch from Comic Relief Tennant plays substitute teacher Mr. Logan, who goes head to head with Tate’s 'Lauren Cooper'. Absolutely hilarious, this one never gets old! (from Geek Chic ~JB pop-Eggs)

Omg! Must watch this preview . Next episode Escape from reality .

Clear front view of the possible Mabel clone. Wearing the Shooting Star (not the birthday sweater), frowning, and has telekinetic powers.

I will forever repin this...EVERY TIME I SEE IT>> this is the greatest thing in the history of forever >>>> AND THE BEST PART IS I'M IN ALMOST ALL OF THESE FANDOMS.>> Hold up. Where are the Potterheads????>>> OH MY GOD WE HAVE NO POTTERHEADS

Beliebers vs almost every other fandom<--- This is beautiful. <--- the thing is about Supernatural is the fact that it is part of a big group called SuperWhoLock. <--- the Merlin fandom has your back too SPN fandom!

"Maybe he's the reverse of He acts all dark and spooky, but he's really just a kid." << True,,,like a kid in an old body wanted to be loved for the one he really is. The Doctor.<< Twelve is the best

so cuute

The Doctor meets Julie Andrews. Who played Mary Poppins. Who is, no doubt, one of the Most Important Time Lords Ever. Besides, who wouldn't consider meeting Julie Andrews a Very High Point in their life?


In order to deal with the pain you are now feeling as a Whovian I recommend adorable pictures of Matt Smith and also hedgehogs. I cannot put into words how much pain there is in my heart from this poem. Haven't even seen most of the sadness but I feel it.

That saddest part is it's right after war doctor says "I could kiss you" and she's like "oh that happens" and she's right behind him and he's like did you say bad wolf 😭😭😭😭