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Water and light refractions

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Hier entsteht in Kürze eine neue Internetpräsenz für unsere Kunden.

The Oil Spill in the Bathroom

Would you be willing to switch to organic cosmetics to save a sea turtle, keep our drinking water safe, and our beaches beautiful?

is it a dragon's scales ... or a bird's feathers? Hmm!  I'm sure it's feathers but it was fun to imagine it being a dragon.

house of falling leaves

peacock feathers being beautiful



hello my name is n're or henery - this blog was a big of me growing up. i rarely update it much these days but you can find my on instagram @you1anna <3

GOLD METALLIC TEXTURE by geishaboy500, via Flickr:

GOLD TEXTURE 2 - for iphone Art Print by simonemoranacyla

GOLD METALLIC TEXTURE by geishaboy500, via Flickr:

iridescent | mother-of-pearl | gleaming | shimmering | metallic rainbow | shine | anodized | holographic | oil slick | peacock | iridescence |


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colors / colorful / iridescent

colors / colorful / iridescent

Feathers aren't exactly branchy but they do spread out and split up. Looking at close-up pictures of feathers does something to my brain. It's just so beautiful.

Why Are Some Feathers Blue?

New research into a long-puzzling feature of avian life shows there's more to color than meets the eye

iridescent, translucent, metallics, holographic

stay creepy

iridescent, translucent, metallics, holographic

This artist used an array of colors to create a reflective feel that looks like crumpled metal.

Marco Reichert

Ribot Gallery - Artissima Italy with Oren Pinhassi

Galactic Castle

Galactic Castle

Dreamy pixelscapes & side-scroller nostalgia