Again, I like posts that make me think about my life and what I'm doing. Am I praying enough and cultivating that relationship with God?

He loves us unconditionally and He desires relationship and communication with us

Full Context at Breakfast Bible Bytes – A Moment with Our Prayer Friendship – New, Through Christ’ Spirit

Your relationship with Jesus will set the tone of every other relationship in your life. Fix your eyes on him, and watch how it changes things.

Purposeful suffering is natural to promote survival, navigation and evolution. It is UNNATURAL suffering that children learn to navigate away from. (theoretically, that is the parent's task to teach and the child's challenge to accept.) #NewRules ...back to basics...

A strong woman accepts both compliments & criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both sun & rain for a flower to grow.

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Hii my name is Mosope (it means i give thanks) -I was born in Lagos, -I'm Yoruba -Saved by grace Questions?

Quote of the day... more like quote of the year! 2016 needs this.

Quote of the day... more like quote of the year! 2016 needs this.


He knows I believe in the power of prayer and pray for inspiration often. Only the devil and his minions would get excited if someone looked down and out.


It's the difference between being a fan and being a follower. Relationship is what Christianity is about, not so much religious practices.

thewordfortheday: “It is essential to be alone with God, spending time in His presence / waiting at His door / lingering in the Scripture. No number of Christian meetings/activity can compensate for the neglect of this still.

I always say that every kid is smart is just whether or not the support they have to help them find the way that they learn and they can climb mountains! Most people don't give kids enough credit! You just have to take the time with our kids to help them learn everything and anything.

I feel like this is true. People keep telling me I can climb a tree. Maybe I don't want to climb a tree.