Central Park, NYC in Autumn

Central Park, NYC in Autumn. one of the most beautiful parks in the country. I've been there in June and July . Must do autumn someday soon.

New York City

At one point when Lyric was in New York she found herself on the verge of giving up on her dreams and hope. She looked out the window and the view, so beautiful and striking, reminded her that she was where she belonged and couldn't return to Mississippi.

New York Skyscrapers centered by Chrysler Building - my fav building in NYC, United States.

New York Skyscrapers centered by Chrysler Building - my fav building in NYC. I love visiting NYC!

New York

STONE STREET~ the oldest paved street in NYC, with the original cobblestones. Lined with restaurants and cafés, set with outdoor tables, this little pedestrian street is a quiet respite from the traffic of the city.

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The start of a rainy week, Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, NYC

New York New York!

New York City - Times Square. The hotel i stayed in was just down the street from the Hersheys factory!

Rainy day by the Brooklyn Bridge

Girl With a Green Umbrella (Brooklyn Bridge, NYC in the rain and fog)

NYC. Brooklyn Bridge Close up

Brooklyn Bridge Close up USA seems to be where EVERYTHING happens; my favourite band only plays there, all tv shows seem to be set there, aliens only attack the usa, it's sso busy! I just want to be part of that for once :) Oh, wanderlust

New York

New York Athletic Club Building, SE corner of Avenue at Central Park South