Garden Dragonflies Made From Recycled Spoons

Recycling spoons, into dragonfli. What s beautiful idea! Can find them cheap at thrift store, instead of destroying family airlooms!

Green & Pink Tourmaline Sterling Silver Torc Style Necklace

Natasha Heaslip, a Galway (Ireland) - handmade neckpiece features two rare stones, a pink and green tourmaline.

Cedric Charlier at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 - Details Runway Photos

Cedric Charlier at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

Cedric Charlier Spring 2015 Throw on some Crystal metal jewelry w anything~ effortless lil pop to any outfit

Sterling Silver Torc Collar Torque Necklace by ShesSoWitte on Etsy

Silver Rays Torque Necklace Minimalist Swirl Silver Elegant Statement Unique Designer Torc Collar by ShesSoWitte

Sterling Silver Pendant, Large Offset Spiral, Jewelry, Large Silver Pendant, Artisan Jewelry, Forged Silver Jewelry

Sue - try this shape in polymer clay and possibly add a pearl cabochon - Sterling Silver Pendant, Offset Spiral, Forged Sterling, Contemporary Jewelry…

Miansai Rose Gold Reeve Bracelet. Love that closure

Miansai Rose Gold Reeve Bracelet found at Barneys trending on Wallabii. Get their advice, share and shop the latest styles with confidence.