The translucent polycarbonate has many of the same thermal properties as glass, but it weighs less and keeps out the glare of direct sunlight.

translucent facade of polycarbonate hangar doors that fold horizontally: Loblolly House, Kieran Timberlake Associates

pivot screening option

shop front - wood shutter Pivot screening on the outside of the Aalen University extension by MGF Architecten

poolima | Glass Kramer Löbbert - MRT Gebäude, Berlin Buch

steel mesh MRT Building in Berlin - the "skin" is made up of operable aluminum mesh panels so workers can manipulate natural lighting and airflow.

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture closed on the north side, open on the south.

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture closed on the north side, open on the south, with bamboo shutters.

Locally sourced oak blurs the line between contemporary and traditional. A beautiful barn renovation by architect Armando Ruinelli in Switzerland.

old barn conversion in soglio, switzerland by architecture firm ruinelli associati architetti

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These shutters would be amazing in an outdoor room. If facing the sun when the sun is low, lower them. When the sun is high, raise them. Bar Tomate by Sandra Tarruellla Outdoor beach house

Striped Living / group8

Gallery of Striped Living / group8 - 7

Image 7 of 17 from gallery of Striped Living / Photograph by Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio

Sharifi-ha House

Sharifi-ha House / Nextoffice - Alireza Taghaboni

Image 3 of 21 from gallery of The Most Popular Projects of Sharifi-ha House / Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni. Courtesy of nextoffice