Upcycled skirt

This might work for the tribal skirt Upcycled Skirt Woman's Clothing Green Brown Tribal Cotton Linien Organza Layers Mori Girl

elf ear fairy wire cuff

Wire-wrapped Elf Ear Cuffs in Gold and Amethyst. How great would these be instead of cloth pixie ears?

Love this shape

Tibetan Plateau series from Ocelot Clothing Nice circular coat/vest

Elven ear cuffs

Fairy folklore has been around for centuries. Many people actually believe fairies exist in another realm that is invisible to the naked eye.

Celtic Circlet with Lapis (or other stones): $165

Celtic Triquetra Headpiece w/ Stone - Camias Jewelry Designs Specializing in Wedding Circlets, Bridal Headpieces, Celtic Circlets, Bracelets.