My gma had to battle cancer. She won, but it was tough to see her go through it. I wish she didn't have to

Live to see the day cancer fucking disappears completely. In the mean time, have faith. It worked for me and Its a blessing that my mom's a cancer survivor. Big props to the One above. :-)>> lots of people I know are dying of cancer rn. I hate it


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Bless her heart!

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Oh my God this almost haven't you my fur baby why why my fur babie is alive

If u repost this God bless

God should most certainly be capitalized if you truly believe in and love God, you would not repost this for the stupid favor! I love and believe in God, and don’t need to repost this stupid pin to know it.

Every young lady should learn this, pin it,memorize it. Practice it, itCould save you're life!!!

15 Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

Share for women's protection! Self defense is helpful for us ladies especially when travelling mostly alone. There's plenty of mean guys out there. Keep safe! 8 steps (unless you repeat step 8 twice; I won't judge) ;

People should stop posting things about God and Jesus because it's awkward and annoying for people who don't believe

Child abuse is sad! This poor child don't know the true meaning of happiness! Let's stop child abuse!

I love how this says if you repost it will be 10 times better instead of the opposite, or you will have bad luck

for the 92639273 time bc i like someone❤

for the 92639273 time bc i like someone😂❤

Olivia Edwards-Tuttle

Olivia Edwards-Tuttle<< to those parents still looking for their kids.