My gma had to battle cancer. She won, but it was tough to see her go through it. I wish she didn't have to

I lost my grandpa when I was 10 from lymphoma. Lost my great grandmother from lung cancer. And my best friend has lost multiple aunt's from breast cancer

Bless her heart!

Pin on your most popular board. This is heartbreaking.please help if you can. Give this woman some peace.

If u repost this God bless

God doesn't work like that. I believe that he will give me whatever I need in life. And he already had done a huge favor for me. It's my turn to give back. :) God Bless You!

Every young lady should learn this, pin it,memorize it. Practice it, itCould save you're life!!!

15 Self-Defense Tips You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

Share for women's protection! Self defense is helpful for us ladies especially when travelling mostly alone. There's plenty of mean guys out there. Keep safe! 8 steps (unless you repeat step 8 twice; I won't judge) ;


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Child abuse is sad! This poor child don't know the true meaning of happiness! Let's stop child abuse!

People should stop posting things about God and Jesus because it's awkward and annoying for people who don't believe

Amber alert

When was this originally posted, does anyone know? It would be really helpful to know how old these girls are supposed to be right now.

Olivia Edwards-Tuttle

Olivia Edwards-Tuttle<< to those parents still looking for their kids.