Add extra storage with an extra shower curtain rod, then all you have to so is hang up some shower caddies.

This is what you can use your old straight shower curtain rod for after you replace it with a curved shower rod. Add An Extra Shower Curtain Rod To The Shower And Hang Caddies From It To Save Space.

Keep papers off of the counter in the kitchen.

10 Stylish Family Schedule and Command Center Ideas

Homework Center-- pottery barn filers Beautifully organized Family Command Center -- organize each child's school papers, artwork, homework assignments, and forms. TIP: Each week's end, go through each box; discard and file away as needed.

Framed for Guests

Wifi Password Printable: great print to have in the guest room for when you have visitors .now i just need the guest room :)

Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization - Blooming Homestead Pantry Organization - this is perfect, well it needs labels and the expiry dates.

19 Items Every College Freshman Should Buy | Blair Blogs

Freshman - 19 items if you don't have them already that you should get! Ok, I agree with some of these but not all. Chase is on his way - one happy but sad momma! College freshman tips, college hacks

Another idea for your tape: DIY Washi Phone Charger - So you always know which one is yours!

DIY Washi Phone Charger - crafty, techy genius

DIY Washi Tape Phone Charger idea from Sew Trashy. Keeps the family from blaming you for stealing their chargers.

Welcome to 31 Days to {cheaply} organize your home.

Organizing Made Fun: 31 Days to {Cheaply} Organize your Home good craft organization ideas

20 Creative Furniture Hacks :: Turn an old file cabinet into garage storage!

20+ Easy & Creative Furniture Hacks (With Pictures)

20 Creative Furniture Hacks :: Turn an old file cabinet into garage storage!: 20 Creative Furniture Hacks :: Turn an old file cabinet into garage storage!

Use Rail to Store Cleaning Products = Awesome DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

Top 10 Awesome DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas


How awesome is that feeling when youre on holiday and youve been out in the sun all day, you come home to a freshly cleaned room, walk into the bathroom and grab one of those beautifully rolled towels off the shelf and hop into a nice relaxing shower.

Bridge & Burn: Apparel for Men and Women designed in Portland, OR.

Bridge & Burn creates timeless, quality clothing for men and women with modern sensibilities. Shop our flagship store in downtown for Portland style.

Pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep the soles from touching your clothes. | 35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects

A tip for holiday packing. Store shoes inside shower caps to stop dirty soles rubbing on your clothes. And you can find them in just about every hotel! (Always use CLEAR ONES for shoes so you don't get them mixed up with the cap you use to shower)

everyday organizing: {An Organized Kitchen} Pretend Pull-Outs  OMG I would of never ever come up with this idea! N Im so gonna use it

12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips ~ Pretend kitchen cabinet pull-outs using large plastic storage tubs.use plastic bins as pull-outs! Take it a step further and group your items into different categories and label each one.

Use coat hooks to hang an ironing board. More

Are you Redecorating? – We Have Some DIY Hacks For Improving Your Home

Exactly like this behind boot room door. Use 2 coat hooks to hang ironing board. Used too much to put in a cupboard.

gift wrapping organization 45 Simple, Creative DIY Spring Organizing Ideas br /  A Crate and Barrel Giveaway!

25 Frugal Organization Ideas That Are Too Easy Not To Try

Gift Wrap Organization - tissue paper and gift bags hung on the underside of a closet's wire shelf. Maybe fabric organization? Yes fabric!