Wine glasses as candle holders.

Inverted wine glasses as candle holders is such a cute idea, and the roses really make it gorgeous. The possibilities are endless, and wineglasses are CHEAP. wineglasses can even be plastic

Black, White & Red Wedding- change the centerpiece. I want this as the table runner.

im not one to be plannin my wedding day but im starting to fall in love with the idea of a red black and white color scheme. love this table runner especially!

I like the idea of cupcakes instead of a cake for a wedding and the huge cupcake on top is super cute!

Cupcake tier with giant cupcake at the top! Make the giant cupcake at the top out of foam for the base in a flower pot and flowers for the top of the cupcake


Crescent rolls, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, butter and cinnamon. reduced fat crescent rolls and reduced fat cream cheese. Added blackberry jam to the cream cheese and it was amazingly good! Think it would also be good with a little less butter.