This is AWESOME!

Farewell letter from

A roll-up indoor slide for your stairs! Looks like a fun idea for kids and adults. Fold and pack away when not in use.

Want. So. Bad.

Mind blown by so many of these. Why is this not the norm? Dude the packing tape one is literal genius status. Also the usb charger plug one and also I love the pizza vending machine!

Not number 6, but everything else in here is AWESOME!

Here are some weird gadgets and inventions you never knew existed. OMG the bubble wrap thing! And the water bottle!

Something pretty!

Something pretty!

Amazing, useful, creative, AWESOME, inventions!!

Shut up and take my money! 36 Ideas and Gadgets that are so cool they could change your life!

Shut up and take my $$

These are cool and all, but anyone else notice the guys at the ping pong table one look like Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast?


Farewell letter from

# Incredibly Genius Inventions To Make Your Life Easier Well this is awesome lol

This Gold Glyph Is Mesmerizing (gif)

This Gold Glyph Is Mesmerizing

Funny pictures about Gold flecked ink. Oh, and cool pics about Gold flecked ink. Also, Gold flecked ink.

99 Reasons Why (on Wattpad) #Romance #amwriting #wattpad

99 Reasons Why

99 Reasons Why (on Wattpad) #Romance #amwriting #wattpad