Daisy Dreaming: Glitter Reindeer

Glitter Reindeer on Canvas. Use glitter, a canvas, a template or draw it on yourself, glue painted on with a brush, and a toothpick to smooth out your lines. Shake off excess glitter then spray the whole thing with extra-hold hairspray.

letter to santa #snow Vintage

Letter from Santa, fully personalised letter from Father Christmas to your children. Santa Claus letter to your kids, also for young children

tree on car ornament- adorable! #rackupthejoy

Car & Tree Ornament

Images of cute cars with trees tied on top with quiet snow falling all around make it on my list of favorite Christmastime images


Christmas wrapping idea: Buy brown wrapping paper (cheap to buy at Walmart or a craft store) and use that paper to wrap your gifts. It's useful for every gift, and you can customize it by writing on the paper.

LOADS of Yummy Christmas Treats!

White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels -- This is the Christmas goodies pin to end all Christmas goodies pins.desserts, cookies, caramel popcorn, dipped pretzels etc.