Swan feather floating on Hatchet Pond, Hampshire, England

Beautiful swan feather reflection(hatchet pond, hampshire, England) by Jim Champion

Turquoise winged necklace

7th Sky Feather & Wing Long Necklace

Not quite turquoise gemstone but still awesome . Sky Feather & Wing Long Necklace in warm gold brass and real turquese feather - Turquoise winged necklace

DIY in progress 〰〰 Wasn't sure how I felt about feathers until I added some gold.  Gold is the answer. ✨

gold tipped feathers

free download. Feathers.

Souza Souza Muniz, penismos me lembram vc rs

I seriously fucking want this.

Feather art by Chris Maynard

purple feathers

Lilac Hand-dyed purple feathers by Myra Callan

Public Domain - Nature

Feather, but whose feather?


Light as feather! The egyptians believed that in order to get to their ideal aferlife your heart had to be light as feather when weighed against the weight of your deeds.Feathers are near Angels appear!

Oie avec pointe bronzée - 15-21 cm - anthracite - Plumes.fr

Oie avec pointe bronzée - 15-21 cm - anthracite - Plumes.fr

feels like the first time | STILL

Book of Birds

Shoveler Flank Feathers

Shoveler Flank Feathers

a few weeks back on the oregon coast we spent big chunk of our time collecting shells, stones and other bits of nature…this is actually, one of my very favorite things to do with my children; growing collections of all types of natural bits and pieces. which is why i was so happy to find …


STILL - french red partridge

idée de modèle tatouage symbolique - plume et oiseaux

40 idées de modèle de tatouage à motifs différents – gratuit

Birds From Feather Tattoo Design


These feathers are really admirable, they all look really fluffy and soft apart from the bottom one which is smooth and precise. They all have lovely colours.

treasuredkeepsakes: Where Treasures Reside on imgfave @imgfave.com

Color inspiration tone of goldish grey sunset rock beach water

Exquisite New Cut Feather Shadowbox Artworks by Chris Maynard

Exquisite New Cut Feather Shadowbox Artworks by Chris Maynard

Feather Shadowbox Artworks Washington-based artist Chris Maynard assembles shadowboxes of cut feathers depicting the silhouettes of birds as they sing, perch, and swoop across the canvas.