Quem me acompanha nas redes sociais deve ter visto (ou não, né?! Rss!) que na semana passada eu estive visitando o Studio Tattoo You @tattooyoubrasil, em São Paulo, e acabei me jogando nas agulhinhas! Quando postei as fotos no Instagram @thaylise_ferreira foi uma loucura! Todo mundo queria saber o que essa blogueira maluca andava rabiscando no corpo....

Instead would have an arrow with henna inspired dot work and floating feathers.

Confira nossa super seleção com as melhores fotos de tatuagens de sereias lindas para você se inspirar. Veja mais!

This mermaid details are very detailed oriented. The one previous is the same but not it just a watercolor Version of this mermaid. I like both versions .

I'm back. In case. Were you meaning no to me? It's just she said it twice. Hope she's having a good time I'm quite jealous of that one lol! I'm only worried that they may be taken in and manipulated later. The girls are perfectly well taken care of and they know that. And they take care of others.

I don't know God has in mind for me but i do pray that i can treat her as the queen she is and deserves to be. Plus a strong women who can be a little bit savage is sexy af.

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Photo extraite de 19 tatouages au poignet beaucoup plus jolis qu'un simple bracelet (19 photos)

Tattoo : 19 tatouages au poignet beaucoup plus jolis qu'un bracelet

tattoo done by Lauren @ house of ink in Hawaii IG- Laurentattoo wrist bracelet tattoos - Tattoo ideas 2016 / 2017

Back wing tattoos

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