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This is awesome.

This guy should be some crazy villain…

I want this to become a thing.: - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

#The case for humanity & the lack thereof

This is Charlotte…

I did an essay in English last semester on this little girl and her journey! It's truly amazing what WEED, A NATURAL PLANT HARVESTED FROM GOD, has done for people with epilepsy! If only the ignorant people would actually do their research!


Disney characters without beards…

Funny pictures about Disney characters without beards. Oh, and cool pics about Disney characters without beards. Also, Disney characters without beards.

wow XD

How To Cover-Up a Horrible Mistake

How To Cover-Up a Horrible Mistake // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - don't do the last one, dude--you might scare her into thinking you're in a gang.

Repost if u see it.

Would be a great tattoo. Why so serious hidden in the joker's face


Perhaps you will be interested in these facts…

Theater district, NYC

Theater district, Manhattan, New York during "Manhattanhenge", when the sun directly aligns w/the east/west streets every year.

Interesting Disney Facts

Interesting Disney Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Disney Cool Facts Ariel wore a bow once on land and she is the only Disney Princess to not wear anything in hair

Black Hole Blast Biggest Ever Recorded

Biggest Black Hole Blast Discovered — New ESO observations reveal most powerful quasar outflow ever found-Artist’s impression of the huge outflow ejected from the quasar SDSS

Astronomers Observe a 4-Star System as it Forms

This is an artist's depiction of the dust and gas surrounding the double star system GG Tauri-A. Scientists think that planets might be forming in this double star system. Credit: ESO/L.