Foxes' eyes look more feline than canine. Technically, they are canids, not canines. They are also built more like a cat and share several behavorial traits that are more feline than canine.

Stile as a fox,and Derek as the wolf

stiles and wolf!derek never get old ever hehe - (c)art,animal ve. Stiles likes fluff

Halloween Horse! That is cool!!

Transform your Horse into a Red Horned Dragon [Picture]

DIY: Convert Your Horse into a Red Horned. - DIY: Convert Your Horse into a Red Horned Dragon! “ Time to make your horse look FANTASY TOUGH with a leather dragon mask. Once your horse has been transformed into a dragon, you can ride it around.


♬ "Golden Eye I've found his weakness, Golden Eye will do what I please; Golden Eye no time for sweetness, but a bitter kiss will bring him to his knees.


Love this artwork. the reflection looks like an eagle flying.This was painted by Bev Doolittle entitled "Season of the Eagle"