DIY salt tray with alphabet cards: this is worth clicking to see how easily she re-purposed an old box, well as to see the beautiful watercolor letter cards she made (you can, too!).

Had when i worked in a preschool and kids love them! I would use colored sand instead of white salt. DIY salt tray with alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter

Are parents always asking you how they can help their students become better readers? This list of questions is a quick way to help!

Questions to Ask About Reading

Although its geared for school.It's still a good reminder to use when writing in all things. Nice freebie to send home with students to help parents with what kinds of questions to ask during or after reading.

Magic Spoons! Phonics Activities. Practice real and nonsense words, word families, 3 and 4 - letter words

Magic spoon cvc practice of real and nonsense words--great for initial sound practice! Also use initial letter sheet and word family spoon.

Putting letters or numbers in order... Cheap and brilliant!

Clothespins on Hangers to practice alphabetical order (leave out some letters? write words on clothes pins? Lots could be done with this idea. Order clothespin numbers on a separate hanger that looks like a number line.

I would add to the saying "when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and USUALLY says its name." this will give the students the decoding strategy that if the vowel name doesn't work try the short vowel sound... one or the other should handle most words. Also I would put these up on the blackboard while using them but not on the wall.

Bossy E, 2 vowels & word family anchor chart. these phonemic awareness skills help students learn how to spell.

love this : classroom timeline. It helps students remember events throughout the year.

love this : classroom timeline. It helps students remember events throughout the year. Could create a school timeline also for the events of the school year!

Adorable way to celebrate a birthday for a student as a gift from you and as classroom decor (on wall?)

Love this birthday idea, especially since it doesn't take up a bulletin board. Fifth Grade Frenzy: Birthday Balloon Surprises!

Your students will love receiving this personalized poem - FREE to download!

Primary Peach Launch Party {Freebies and Giveaways!}

Hopes and dreams writing display after reading "Oh the Places You Will Go"

Hopes and dreams for the new school year writing activity. So cute with student photos! love this idea for next year!

Editable Teacher Planning Binder

FREE Editable Teacher Planning Binder - 66 editable pages from The Curriculum Corner- lesson plans-sub-standards-data.

"Odd Todd and Even Steven" is a cute idea for an odd and even math activity.

Back to school printable kit For Teachers Odd Todd and Even Steven (The cutest idea for teaching odds and evens!) Pixie Chicks: Classroom Th.

Free directions for this awesome make-it-yourself clock ~ Helpful!

Not Your Average Paper Clock craft: Lets face it: Learning how to tell time is tough. There are just so many rules to memorize. The hour hand is short. The minute hand counts by fives. The hour hand speaks first. All these rules in one spot

Teachers Who Totally Conquered Their Cement Classroom Walls - WeAreTeachers

How Teachers Can Conquer Their Cement Classroom Walls

Look for random acts of kindness to fill the Grinch with love.

Kids look for random acts of kindness to fill the Grinch with love. When someone sees a kind deed, they get to put a heart on the Grinch. If we can fill the Grinch with hearts before Christmas, we get to have a Grinch Christmas Party!