Love this color and the velvet cami! Def want a completely velvet cami in my net Fix

Peacock Sleeve Tattoo | Day Of The Dead Tattoos  || not Trippin, no ink, but TOTALLY LOVE Peacock!

Peacock Sleeve Tattoo Looking for cover-up ideas for my left fore-arm. I like the idea of feathers, but a peacock I am not.

Beauty is all around us.   Take time to enjoy your gift!

Facts You Never Knew Taiwan Blue Magpies. The Taiwan Blue Magpie also called "long-tailed mountain lady", is a member of the Crow family. It is an endemic species living in the mountains of Taiwan at elevations of 300 to

Hand-drawn vintage tattoo art. Vector illustration, symbol of pharaoh…

Vector illustration, symbol of pharaoh, Resurrection element of ancient Egypt, linear style. Scarab beetle of god sun Ra, wings and ankh. Chalk on blackboar

Cool color palette. Maybe a little dark though.

A frequent indication of great luck, the crow is also related to the trickster archetype, to take note of exactly how deceiving appearances can be.

Geometric Beasts | Crow

Artist Creates Extraordinary Geometric Animal Illustrations