Attack on Titan ~ Eren & his Mom

Attack on Titan ~ Eren & his Mom - this honestly made me cry it's so sad making me think that poor eren died I lost it and broke down in tears. No I do not have an attachment to eren, mikasa, arimin, or Levi (yes I do)

how armin met mikasa by kuro-shinozaki on deviantART

How Armin met Mikasa comic- lol and they're like: just normal stuff, you know .

This. Is. Perfect.

~ Attack on Titan ~ :: Hanji as Eren's mom, Levi as Mikasa's father, and Erwin as Armin's father BABIES! I think this is soo adorable and especially levi and mikasa

Attack on Titan. So funny!!!!!

Attack on Titan. NEVER watch Boku no Pico, like no, nope, nope, never again