The Elizabeth Taylor 33.19-carat diamond ring.

Revealed in all its glittering glory: Elizabeth Taylor's £100m collection of gems, gowns and art goes on display at Christie's

Elizabeth Taylor's legendary carat Asscher-cut 'Krupp Diamond', now known as 'The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond', was given to her by Richard Burton in

ear cuff- so cool!

Bronze Octopus Ear Cuff by martymagic on Etsy I love octopuses!


ruffles and pleats are two things we do to clothes.but what about the things clothes do for us? here's to the moments and clothes that take your breath away.

Ring | John Hardy. 18k gold, amethysts and black diamonds

White Gold Green Tourmaline Ring Art Deco Period Ring - John Hardy - gold, amethysts and black diamonds Authentic Victorian A.

Matte black w/rainbow rhinestones -- LOVE!!

Black Rainbow Rhinestone Nails Matt black nail polish and small rainbow nail stickers