Two Birds

Idéias de Tatuagens 2!

Small love birds on a branch tattoo. maybe I'll add 4 little birds on a branch below :)

5 Birds or 3 Birds on a Branch? I like the idea of 5 and or 3 for our whole family.... @Courtney Baker Halseth @Camarin MacIver Wood

Two little birds and big bird in dark brown for eye color. One big bird in dark blue for my eye color, then fly away blue bird for Brice. Very close to the idea i already had for a memory tat for Brice

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With its distinct raised surface the collar-bone makes a great place for body art. You can get tattoos in a simple design in a single shade, or have a many-colored collar-bone tattoo.

i want this exact |

love this small tattoo, jurst like my own tattoo friggin yes. love this & my favorite beatles song "blackbird"

50 Tree Tattoo designs for Men and Women

One of my favourite tree of life tattoo designs! I love the placement, and celtic idea around it. I would love to get this, maybe encorporate some celtic design into the tree, and add a beautiful horse under the branches on the right :)

A bird sitting on a branch isn't afraid of it breaking..the trust is in her own wings, not the branch.

A bird sitting on a branch isn't afraid of it breaking.the trust is in her own wings, not the branch. <<<< this is a cool concept but all I can think of is "is thAt a penguin or a cat" Burnham