I like this picture because this drawing is very detailedly drawn which makes it looks realistic and it is carefully colored without leaving any smudges. The artist of the picture had influenced me to become a calm and patient person, as this drawing requires time and patience.

Hyper Realistic Hair Drawings by Brittany Schall Which style do you wear? - Hyper Realistic Hair Drawings by Brittany Schall .

Jason Ratliff cardboard + white paint.

Jason Ratliff- Ratliff used cardboard and white paint as opposed to more obvious medias and it really made his portraits stand out. perhaps i need to be more experimental with media choices.

figure drawing

look at the shading/shadow work on display here! the muscles and veins are amaArtist: Alexey Morosov, 2003 {male human body man anatomy drawing}zing. Great job, whoever drew this!

1915 - Vol. 8 - Materials & documents of architecture and sculpture : A reissue of Matériaux et documents d'architecture et de sculpture, Paris, 1872-1914

From the book "Materials and documents of architecture and sculpture : classified alphabetically" by architect A.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav klimt hair - I love this drawing by Klimt, the soft and smokey quality is amazing. I enjoy seeing his drawings versus his paintings.

Steven Assael, Elian with Scar, 2000, graphite with black crayon on paper, 14 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches

"Elian With Scar" nude female anatomy figure drawing by contemporary artist and instructor Steven Assael (b.