Fraction Rules Poster or Handout

This guy

read the WHOLE thing I do not agree with what this person is saying I think she is beautiful inside and out<<I do. It's true she is not what society thinks of as beautiful, but she is a fighter. She is strong. She is beautiful for that.

A poster of the human body and which bones are located in which places. This is a great visual for students to reference if learning about bones in the body!

A most gratifying Twitter smackdown

Don't erase women from history. We are not automatically good people - those who are, choose to be. - Feminist replies to Michael moore's "feminist" cocomment

Don't you dare day tl;dr. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Scroll to the bottom for an explanation against the fear-mongering. Don't piss off the science nerds. Vaccines do not cause Autism. And you're an idiot for thinking a dead child is better than an autistic one. VACCINES ARE IMPORTANT.

Why your brain makes you slip up when anxious: The brain network system that causes us to stumble and stall identified -- ScienceDaily

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