Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl

Funny pictures about Kurt and Dave Grohl. Oh, and cool pics about Kurt and Dave Grohl. Also, Kurt and Dave Grohl.

all died at 27 with a white lighter in their pocket.

all died at 27 with a white lighter in their pocket. TOTALLY UNTRUE about the white lighter. Jim and Amy were naked. Janice had on a dress with no pockets. Kurt's pockets were empty.

Kurt Cobain

What u lookin' at dummy "The outside world is pretty foreign to me"- Kurt Cobain

Kurt cobain .

"We miss you, Kurt." Every single time I look at a picture of Kurt, I just get this sudden urge to hug him very, very tightly and just hold him for hours. I see him as this beautiful love angel and I can't help crying over him. I get mad

Butch Vig, Nevermind [Nirvana] producer: "As soon as they started playing 'Teen Spirit,' it was awesome sounding. I was pacing around the room, trying not to jump up and down in ecstasy."

Nirvana pool photos taken by Kirk Weddle in November of feature Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain frolicking in a pool and underwater action shots with their instruments.


Sketch colored in Photoshop. Who says Grunge is dead? Sketch of Kurt Cobain - By Kyle Butler