Camera Nikon D700  Focal Length 50mm  Shutter Speed 1/1250 sec  Aperture f/1.4  ISO/Film 250  Category Landscapes  Uploaded December 24th 2010  Taken April 14th 2009  Copyright bhushanmate

Camera Nikon Focal Length Shutter Speed sec Aperture ISO/Film 250 Category Landscapes Uploaded December 2010 Taken April 2009 Copyright bhushanmate

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Photographing musicians are my favourite type of client; they’re confident, creative and happy to show off their talent. All I need to do is coax them into the right frame of mind, setup the …

this is so cute and that is awesome nice guitars they probably are so much

Next came a space cluttered with guitars, amps, and other rock ’n’ roll paraphernalia.

Black and White Photography: 100 Pieces of Exquisite Portrait    #guitar

Black and White Photography: 100 Pieces of Exquisite Portrait

Amazing Nature Photography Black and White

Fascinating Black and White Photography is trending these days and has become a symbol of subtle imagery. There are a number of B&W photography examples which can be explored in magazines and newspapers.

Hypemachine - Ormsby Guitars - Custom made electric guitars multiscales and basses - Guitar making courses - Multiscale and fanned fret guitars

It's original 'strings over air' headstock was designed in well before the first Ormsby was ever.

Marshall Amp Guitar Backstage Rock & Roll

I am seeking some guidance for a Marshall purchase. I am looking for a Marshall Half Stack set up for my son who will be

Guitar leaning on a tree, b&w

I wasn't walking away because I had to, I had to walk away because it was time to move on. When the music stopped I was the last man standing. The Vega Memoirs ~Sir Dorian Vega