SUSIE'S MAGIC BINDING. Oh, my heck! This is so cool! Susie creates the piping effect with a flange that's cleverly constructed in the binding in one step. The whole thing is done on the machine by stitching in the ditch of the piping. Gotta try it!

Quilt binding with a flange accent color. 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks: Tuesday Tutorial: Susie's Magic Binding

string blocks quilt tutorial

lovely string pieced blocks and a tutorial on string piecing - These all have a white background.

Stitchin' Therapy: String quilting tutorial

Stitchin' Therapy: String quilting tutorial (Easy paper foundation with phone book page, or deli wax paper squares from Sams) Use a large 14 or 16 needle and short stitches.

Looks like a really easy way to use up scraps..Picture but no tutorial

Scrappy Blocks are a great way to begin free form/art quilting. And perfect for those days you want to play with colour but not fuss or do quilt math much.