15 Kids’ Logic On Why They Need To Cry…

15 Kids’ Logic On Why They Need To Cry… Robert Downey Jr looks so confused, like, "Why is this kid crying, he's meeting Iron Man.

I seriously did laugh out loud.

I, too, will now be calling it a pushy sucky. And we shall all call it a pushy sucky

omg hilarious.

First world problems

Funny pictures about First world problems. Oh, and cool pics about First world problems. Also, First world problems photos.

Laughed way too hard at this.

Don’t we all do this sometimes?

I laughed too hard. Probably be cuz I am no burrito. Yes in fact, I am a TACO!

Hahaha okay this is so funny!!

I should definitely try this…

way too funny!

Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! "You want to know what it is like having a fourth kid? Imagine you're drowning then someone hands you a baby.

It's funny because it's true.

Funny pictures about Bug Finders. Oh, and cool pics about Bug Finders. Also, Bug Finders photos.

i literally laugh out loud every time i look at this. Adios Bitchachos

Adios Bitchachos

Adios Bitchachos - still LAUGHING. lordy that's so funny. I'd totally buy this if I knew my mom would never find out.

haha, I laughed too much at this

Sharks seem a lot friendlier without sharp teeth

This picture makes me smile because Sharks DO look a lot friendlier without sharp teeth! When I saw this picture, it actually made me laugh out loud. i wish I could see a shark like this in real life! haha It also made me smile because my son is obsessed

I'm pretty sure that I've been on the receiving end of this comment more than once! !

Reading about the scientific work people have devoted decades of their lives to makes me feel less neurotic.

17 Pun Dog Puns That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

17 Pun Dog Puns That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

Starring an adorable Husky who tells bad jokes, Pun Dog could be the next Doge internet sensation. Learn about the hilarious funny dog meme.

Laughing so hard right now!

Never seen Henrietta so happy before…

Keeping track of your turtle. I should be able to have a turtle named Henrietta and I should be able to tie a helium balloon to her so that I can always know where she's roaming.

I don't know about the "old" part by yes, I remember doing this! :-)

Best photos of the week (59 photos)

Funny pictures about Paint adventures. Oh, and cool pics about Paint adventures. Also, Paint adventures photos.

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