Freezer crockpot meals. No cans of soup or cream cheese, etc... The price per meal she works out is under $4 and she prepares meals for up to 10 weeks.

13 different meals to make ahead, freeze, then cook when ready in a crock pot - bulk cooking - Great idea! I WILL use my crockpot more. I WILL use my crockpot more. I will use my crockpot more.

ROASTED SALSA VERDE! Easy to make and suitable for canning or freezing.  **I added extra cumin, oregano, garlic & doubled the cilantro. I don't like very hot foods so I just used 1 jalapeno pepper & added a touch of smoked jalapeno pepper.

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

ROASTED SALSA VERDE: A recipe with tomatillos & chile peppers to can, freeze, or eat fresh. Great on tacos, with chips, or as an enchilada sauce. Vegan and gluten-free.

Canning Cilantro Lime Enchilada Sauce how-tos from Over the Big Moon. This sounds awesome!

Canning Cilantro Lime Enchilada Sauce

Over The Big Moon website shares a wonderfully tasty cilantro lime enchilada sauce canning recipe. Who ever would have known Enchilada Sauce was so easy. I love me some south of the border food and Enchilada Sauce is used in so much of it.

Arctic Garden Studio: How to Can Mandarin Oranges

How to Can Mandarin Oranges---Maybe I'll take this back one day. But WHO in the whole wide world needs this many canned mandarin oranges? Who needs canned oranges?

Canning Homemade!: Canning Pineapple Chunks from Fresh Pineapples

Canning Homemade!: Canning Pineapple Chunks from Fresh Pineapples. This will come in handy when pineapples go on sale! (I don't think pineapples really go on sale in my area, but great canning recipe regardless!

Honey Mustard-canning recipe

* Honey Mustard-canning recipe: mustard powder, honey (or agave syrup), apple cider vinegar, eggs

Recipes We Love: Canning Beef Broth

Canning Beef Broth… make your own for free and KNOW WHAT YOU ARE EATING. and know if is gluten free if that is a concern for you

Preserving Cabbage - canned cole slaw

Canned Coleslaw Rasowsky It From Scratch: Firsts on the First - Preserving Cabbage

Hatch Green Chile Sauce

Hatch Green Chiles - Green Chile Sauce Recipe

WOO HOO now I can can my green chiles!-----Hatch, New Mexico Green Chili's are the best in the world. This site provides method for canning green chili sauce.

Perfect Pints Pickled Purple Cabbage #canning #eatlocal

Perfect Pints Pickled Purple Cabbage #canning #eatlocal