I love that you can walk around it. Credit: Ds Builder [http://www.flickr.com/photos/3ccmidwest/5957748181/]

Bedroom Inspiration: 3 Ideas to Create a Statement Headboard

There is noplace in my house to do this but I like the idea! -- painted wall as bed head board

Crittall Doors: The Interiors Trend That Will Transform Your Home

Opaque acrylic sheets can be back lit to create a feature wall

Discover how much fun it is to decorate a room in all white. Here are 21 fabulous all white rooms including living and dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.


hanging plant room divider = Blu Creativity / Facet Studio Enclose the patio and it does double duty as protection.

Paravento, separé e pareti divisorie per gli open space

I came across this bedroom 'box wall' DIY via Dutch magazine vtwonen and thought it was too clever not to share.

pareti divisorie per appartamento

Bedroom to closet idea Wine Country Modern - modern - bedroom - san francisco - Lorin Hill, Architect