Baby giraffe!

MISLABELED This is NOT a baby giraffe! It's a baby Dik Dik. A very small species of antelope. A baby giraffe is tall at birth.this Dik Dik won't even reach tall as an adult.

Love this

What an amazing way to remember grandparents.I love hands and feet. I take pictures of my grandparents hands all the time. Their face may look different than you remember, but their hands take me back to childhood with one glance.

moon project

playing with the moon is like you know awesome! when i was at the beach we woke up at like and we were playing with the sun! ( it is still as good as playing with the moon)

love it

Cutest idea ever.but with my daughter with holding a sign that says big sister!

violet-backed starling

In some postings, this bird has been mistakenly identified as a Purple Martin. But, this is a Violet-backed Starling, not a Purple Martin.

Athens, Greece

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Such amazing history! Apparently Greece is the place to go!

Pink heart birds

Pink heart birds form a heart. This makes you wonder who started the Valentines, I think Nature.

Love keys + this crystal doorknob.

Love keys + this crystal doorknob. (wish i could've saved all of our vintage crystal door knobs and keys back home.

Painting by Hungarian Artist Gui Demeter

by Hungarian artist Gui Demeter GUI Demeter has some very expressive pieces.

Powerful! -

"The Wall" Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, DC. - The Vietnam Wall carries the names of the many who gave their lives.

so cool.

Most American sunset ever


Life is just a tire swing.but i finally learned alot about pain . Life is just a tire swing.

Love the patriotism

Military Wedding Oh my gosh this is by far the absolute best picture I have ever seen and I have to have this at my wedding. My picture for Joel :)